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Music for Weirdos by Weirdos.

Rock is outsider music once again. We find the outsiders.

Loner Noise is a record label, formed in 2014 by Michael Edward of the band Elevant, under the name Elevant Music Limited. It's since grown beyond being just a vehicle for that, and now has an extensive roster of some of the finest and most interesting rock music around, even if we do say so ourselves.

For general contact, contact about licensing, radio, TV etc., or for demo submissions please use the form or email us at

Demos need to be streams, DO NOT send files. Don't send us music "just to check out", only send it if you're working your ass off and are committed.
We won't sign anyone without seeing them live and knowing they have a work ethic.
DO send links to your website/facebook/twitter/instagram/bandcamp/soundcloud et al. Make it as easy as possible for us to know what you're about.
Most of all, only send us demos if you're doing it for the right reason: Love for Music.