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Pocket Apocalypse are epic and intimate all at once. Effortlessly blending unpretentious post rock grandeur with alternative rock and progressive flourishes, their songwriting is taut and rich with experience, the band playing off each other effortlessly. Frontman Nick Jones' passionate and absorbing vocals can range from a delicate whisper to soaring and melodious and to a righteous barbaric yawp. His and Chris Catterall's guitars intricately weave together, spiralling in tandem whilst in a rhythm section bar none, Phil Dunn (Drums) and Leandro Cuzzocrea (Bass), Lock into unison and lend their songs not only hypnotic grooves, but a craftsman's detail. Their new single 'Kite Season' and their debut album "Under Our Sky" are out now, and they're working on their new EP

Under Our Sky

Pocket Apocalypse

We would like to thank Russ Hayes, John Simm, Asher Kenton, Sumaya Dancey, Leigh-Angel Bevan, Sam Jones, Jo Doolin and all our friends and families for their continued support.

Special thanks to Rik Davnall

twitter @pocket_apoc
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